Seriously, I never thought any of the rental agents would even entertain the request to reduce their management fees, let alone agree. A huge WELL DONE to you!

Rob Hoy

Property Landlord, England and Wales
Delegate VA Testimonial
I attended a great presentation about social media yesterday, I am so glad we have you with us because you are already keeping us miles ahead.

Clerk to Parish Council

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council
Alexa Whitten - The Book Refinery
Catherine is brilliant at what she does - if you're short on time, or just don't have the energy for tasks, then she is the one to help you out. I used Catherine for my Social Media and she was able to take the initiative and run with my content. Her posts were engaging and humorous and brought a much-needed lightness to my Facebook page, not to mention telling me which people to follow on twitter and who to follow up with. If you need help - then don't hesitate to call in Catherine, who will free up your time so that you can spend it on helping your clients.

Alexa Whitten

Writing Coach and Publisher - The Book Refinery
Marketing Consultant Testimonial
Some highly successful small business owners use a VA, but don't always want their clients to know. That's cool with me: "Catherine saw that I had a really heavy schedule so marked out a day off in my calendar and scheduled a task to book in a treat. Truly invaluable business support!"

Marketing Consultant

Testimonial from Abby Wright-Parkes
Want a super efficient, accurate, swift and lovely to boot virtual assistant? Then Catherine is your woman. She has made such a difference to my business. She is just great at getting things done by the deadline and communicating throughout. She is great at following instructions, but also uses her initiative. She can turn her hand to anything. Whatever you need help with in your business - I am sure she could help.

Abby Wright-Parkes

Managing Director, Optimist Consulting
WordPress Testimonial
Catherine provided video tutorials and written guidance on how to make changes and updates to our WordPress website. Thanks again for your help and guidance Catherine, I'll definitely be recommending your services.

Karen Clarke
Testimonial for Delegate VA - Virtual Assistant - WordPress, admin
Some days I don't even need to look at my emails, knowing Catherine will flag anything that may need my urgent attention. In addition, she'll manage my emails when I have a day out of the office, meaning there's less to do when I return. Catherine has taken on the tasks that allow me to concentrate my time where it is best utilised and increase my productivity.
Catherine's knowledge of WordPress is really handy and she's very helpful when it comes to needing someone to make content and product changes to customer's websites.

Rich Mehta

Senior Developer at Rigorous Digital
Feedback from Jo Tomlinson for Delegate VA

Catherine has been a complete godsend to We Love Pets, managing our social media platforms, editing and adding content to our website and providing a go-to admin service whenever we need it. Catherine's work is fantastic and she always completes it within the deadline. It has saved us so much time and has also given us some great ideas. The time we have saved has allowed us to focus on other projects and growing the business. Her service is invaluable!

Jo Tomlinson

Founder and Franchise Director, We Love Pets Ltd
Ashtanga Yoga Swindon
As my Meditation teacher once told me, 'there is not enough time in our life to be able to master everything we do, we need to focus on few things and do them mindfully' or, may I add, "you hire Catherine to help you"

Sylvia Delfino

Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Swindon
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
Catherine has taken on board a vast swathe of the administration side and also helped in designing new spreadsheets and templates. The flexibility of virtual support has been key. My business can have a phenomenal amount of paperwork to deal with, often at times when I am already very busy. Having someone on hand to take the pressure off has been invaluable. It’s given me more time to work on developing the company. If I have other projects to deal with I know the core business is being looked after by someone who understands the necessary processes we have in place.

Nigel Schofield

Will Writer & LPA Specialist at Farsight Wills Ltd
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time on Skype! You were brilliant and I particularly liked the fact that you noted down all of my ‘Questions off at tangents’ and we came back to them at the end. Really comprehensive and I’m very excited to get my business on Insightly CRM asap!

Kate T

Chartered Financial Planner
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
I have been using Catherine’s bookkeeping and admin services now for the last 11 months and I have to say she is a delight to do business with.
She has totally restructured my filing system and assisted in all aspects of moving my business and home to another location. I find her highly efficient, organised and her ability to transform administrative chaos into order is phenomenal. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any small or medium sized business who are looking for efficient accounting and administrative services.

Jonathan Stubbs

Apollo Supervision & Psychotherapy
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
Thank you for helping me get my CRM set-up. Fantastic customer service. I really valued the enablement session.

Sarah Dena

The Confidence Coach at Sarah Dena Coaching
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
Any business owner-manager who needs to maintain high profile clients whilst balancing a family holiday will understand the importance of ensuring good business continuity whilst balancing quality family time - and Catherine provided just that. Over a two week period, we managed our business, our clients, employees and contractors from outside the UK with Catherine's assistance back in the UK. Our clients did not notice any difference in the continuity of our services. Catherine is a very detail-oriented and concise individual whose services I can warmly recommend.

Darren Crannis

CTS Electrical Services
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
Catherine provided business support for my team and I for several months during my time at the National Trust, and interacted with my team for even more of that time. She was consistently upbeat, pro-active and conscientious, delivering a great service at all times, and at all times being a pleasure to work with. I'd work with her again any day!

Rod Hebden

Development Director at Cheltenham Festivals
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
Catherine, is quite simply great to work with. She is dedicated to her team and carries out her tasks with enthusiasm and good humour. Her hard work, flexibility and organisational skills are to her great credit and an asset to any employer.

PJ Taylor

Chief executive's press secretary, media relations specialist at Innovate UK
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
I worked with Catherine at Innovate UK and saw her take a range of processes, procedures and tasks and wring every ounce of efficiency possible out of them. She did what she said she would, when she said she would and always with a highly positive attitude. I saw her develop her skills in social media by simply listening, asking a few questions and then applying that knowledge. Her ability to develop new skills was impressive. I've always regarded myself as quite organised but Catherine works on a whole different level. I'd employ Catherine at the drop of a hat.

Peter Wilson

Digital Communications Manager, Innovate UK
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
If I could clone a Catherine and have her beside me all day I really would! Catherine has brought to me, a small business with a few employees, the freedom to have a work life balance. Before Catherine arrived, I was working all week and weekend - something that we just accept as a small business. Catherine became embedded in the business immediately, and has the ability to understand different business scenarios be it bookkeeping, client handling, staff management and HR, problem solving and general good advice which sometimes is what a business owner needs. I trust Catherine implicitly, and my business is her business. Thank you Catherine. Thank you for changing my world.

Amanda Loftus

Director at Nurture Marketing UK
Praise for Catherine, Virtual Assistant Swindon
Catherine supported me with Innovate UK's first SME innovation awards, held at the House of Commons. I left it in Catherine's capable hands to seek nominations, chase and collate everything needed for a shortlist of SMEs to be put to the judging panel. Catherine was proactive, professional and highly organised in ensuring all shortlisted nominees attended the event in London, along with ministers and other colleagues. Catherine's support helped to ensure our first Innovation Awards were a success.

Guy Rickett

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