Social Media Management


Once you’ve shared your overall aim with me I can begin to immerse myself in your business and get your messages out there. I work with a variety of small businesses, community organisations and a high profile city council to deliver their social media strategy; by creating content, sharing their work, their passions, their voice and their expertise, engaging with their audience and maintaining a consistent online presence.

If you’d like an example of the pages I manage please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Or, if you’re ready to go then we can start next week!

Social Media Management

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Up to 3 platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Monthly package

Monday to Friday, 9-5 – we can decide together where, and when, your audience will want to hear from you.

Management of platforms

Ensuring your branding and information are consistent across all platforms, so you’re instantly recognisable to your audience.

Interaction and Engagement

Interact and engage with your audience regularly – responding to comments, feedback and shares (client to highlight any followers to pay special attention to)

Acknowledging new followers

Automated thanks and messages are impersonal, it’s important to pay attention to your followers and thank them personally, or acknowledge their existence from time to time.

Create and post content

Utilising your own resources and researching content relevant to your sector and / or current and relatable. Some posts will be shared across the various platforms and duplicated over time if received well.

Profile updates

From time to time the various social media platforms add additional options, layouts, etc. I’ll keep you up-to-date with those and implement with your approval.

Clear, concise monthly performance reports

Utilising the analytics available on the various platforms, I will provide a monthly report with highlights, findings and recommendations for coming months – and best of all, it’ll be jargon free.

£250 per calendar month

Effective social media doesn’t happen in a month, that’s why I offer a minimum 3 month contract, so we can align ourselves, work together effectively and I can really immerse myself in your business plans.

Not yet visible on social media? That’s okay. I can get you started. Give me a shout and we can talk through what you might need, and best of all, what you probably don’t need:

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