Hourly Rate

  • £25 per hour
  • Billed monthly and payable within 7 days
  • 75% advance payment requested from new clients
  • My time is rounded up or down to the nearest fifteen minutes after the initial hour

Retainer Packages

If you know you’ll be needing a set amount of hours every month, then a retainer package will secure my time and allow me to dedicate those hours to you and your business.


  • £25 an hour
  • Billed up front and payment required in advance

Social Media Management

Start-up / Freelancer

30 posts per calendar month over two platforms:

  • £150 per month, no contract

Small Business

60 posts per calendar month, over three platforms:

  • £280 per month, no contract

Fees are subject to a minimum charge of 1 hour. The hourly rate will be charged in increments of 15 minutes, rounded up or down to the nearest quarter hour.

I track my time and send you a time report with every invoice (not applicable for bookkeeping).

If a job involves a high level of expenditure on printing or any additional services (such as couriers) these will be outlined and agreed in advance and billed at cost.

To view my full terms and conditions click here.

What you don’t pay for:

Sick leave, holidays, pension, TAX, NI, software licenses, insurance, data protection, equipment, overheads, etc.

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